Thursday, December 2, 2010

More Clips, Please

We need some more (a lot more) of the little black metal clips like the one shown here.
You can send them to our address

Bob Crowley
72 Nickerson Rd
Ashland MA 01721

It might be a while before we can have these made commercially so salvage and re-use is in order.  The clips come right off old Pol sheet films with the application of heat - like a very hot hair dryer or a heat gun. Be careful if you do this so you don't get burned. Otherwise the entire sheet after processing can be sent. Old, expired, dried-out, exposed, surplus or just lying around, we need them now!

And thanks to those who have already sent some.


polete said...

hi Bob, these clips, do we find them only on 4x5 films? I'm using old polaroid 669 and fuji fp100, I suppose they don't have what your're looking for.

Bob Crowley said...


Correct, these are just on the sheet film, and also on Kodak Readyloads. It's a part that gets tossed away. We know how to get them made, but haven't made the dollar jump that will require for tooling and setup. If we can get enough in the meantime we can direct our efforts toward the receiver paper and the pods, as these are going to require some real engineering.

Eric Smith said...

I have a couple I can send you. I'll drop them in the mail for you.

julien said...

hi bob , i will send you some soon !
i really love your project !
im a graphic designer and web designer , i can help you for make the web site of the New 55 project .
let me know !

( french support )

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob, i can send you only 12 clips. Does it make sense to drop them into mail.


Bob Crowley said...

Yes if you can afford to. Thanks!