Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Clips, Clips, Clips

Polaroid 4x5 single sheet film clips

Fujifilm Quickload clips

Kodak Readyload clips

We can use them all!

Bob Crowley
72 Nickerson Rd
Ashland MA 01721

If you have a bulk quantity and would like to sell these to us, please contact me.


Anonymous said...

I have only three clips at the moment, but I shoot Polaroid 4x5 and ReadyLoad sheets regularly. Do you want these to trickle in (I can send a few each time I generate them) or would you want a whole bunch at at once in a few months?

Bob Crowley said...

Even a half dozen are worth having, and they could go in a standard envelope. Your call, but I will take all, large and small. Time is a factor.

We can use the outer sleeves of Readyloads and Quickloads too, so I would not throw those out. Some E6 lab has got to have a bunch of these.