Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wide Weekend

This weekend I plan to give my shortened Speed Graphic a try with the little 65mm Super Angulon.  The trick to making this work was 1. shortening the body so the film plane was as close as possible to the rail and 2. getting the complete range of focus, from infinity to about 24 inches, accommodated with the front standard clamped on the internal portion of the moving rails.

The nice thing about the Anniversary Speed Graphic is the way the front standard tilts far out of the field of view of even this fairly short lens.  This is my attempt to show you in one shot the leather covered lens cap and matching leather covered baseboard. Moving the baseboard wiggled the front standard a bit, so the words Speed Graphic have ghosts.

Here is a link to some other views of this same camera.


mark audacity said...

How did you shorten the body?
How did you make the camera focus the body rails?
What is the brass knob on top?

Inquiring minds want to know!

Bob Crowley said...

I milled all around the back, and filled in the slots and spaces with some mahogany cut to match and then planed it all down. Now the focal plane is as close as possible to the bellows.

The nice thing about the anniversary is the two short rails in the body. These don't drop but are still connected by links to the main rails, so the focus knob still works.

That knob is a knurled nut for a brass wire finder I made for WA. I've added a link to the post to the earlier image of this same camera and I have been amazed at that Super Angulon. What a sweet little lens that is.