Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Resuts: Do You Have a 4X5 Camera?

I have one!
  21 (48%)
I have more than one!
  13 (30%)
Soon I will have one
  4 (9%)
Nope, not for me
  5 (11%)

Total number of votes 43

78% f respondents have at least one 4x5 camera, and another 10% plan to, leaving just over 10% who do not have an interest in 4X5.

Thank you for participating. 


Unknown said...

I didn't participate in the survey but I'd like to get one too.I've been looking at the Razzle Polaroid conversions for a while and like them. The least expensive route for beginners though seems to be to get a Crown or Speed graphic. Since I have never used one I am not sure what to look for when checking them out on Ebay....
I also like that Razzle converts Polaroid 900's. Earlier this year he had said he was going to stop his production work and sell 900 kits with custom lens board and cut body and instructional dvd at a "fraction of the cost" of his production models. That interested me and I e-mailed him but didn't get a reply. Since he has decided to stick with his custom Razzle Polaroids.

Might also be nice if someone picked up where NPC left off with their Polaroid 195 and either made a similar pack film camera and or 4x5.

Bob Crowley said...

The Konica Instant Press is a great and much sought after packfilm camera.

If you are getting a graphic camera, I recommend the Speed with a graflok back, as you can use eyeglasses and any lens to take a picture and that is a lot of fun. That and a Fuji PA45 back and you are in business.

On ebay - these are all old, so don't pay a lot. Ask the seller if the shutter is working and if the seller says "I know nothing about cameras" big very low. A working speed graphic rarely fails unless it is stored in some damp basement, which sadly, many have been. I'm no beginner and I would never be without a Speed Graphic - it would be the very last camera I would part with.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob...
I am "silently" following this project since the begining, in this side of the ocean-Portugal.
I've started buying parts of Crown Graphic(due to import taxes) on Ebay a few months ago and wen I got one complete... bought a litle more i now I have 2 (I responded the survey having one). Got also a few lenses, and did some shoots with fuji pack 100c an B and that is my only experience with LF.
I have no lab at home nor the room to have it, even if it was a dismountable one, and the city I live has no comercial lab for LF film.
I am therefore, anxously whishing the best success of this project, as it will alow me to do serious(amateur)4x5 LF photo without have to have a lab.
I wonder if you could comercialize your monobath, to use in small tanks for 35mm and 120 film. That could be very helpfull for amateurs and as far as know nobody makes/sell it.I think that the future of amateur film photogrphy needs that kind of solutions.

Thank you for having this ideia and for all the subjects and knowledge that you shared with us for this allmost 1 year.
Best success

Joâo Lamas

Bob Crowley said...


In the meantime, there is a lot we can do with the FUJI 4x5 and I recommend using that as much as possible in the meantime, and while it is still available.

You can get a daylight processor for sheet film, and some holders. That and the monobath make a fairly quick and good quality setup that will all fit in a shoebox, and will produce superb scanner-ready negatives.

Yes, the monobath could be supplied as a kit of existing HC-110 and Ilford fixer and some containers, I suppose. It is very easy to mix up yourself though, and Amazon carries the developer and fixer, and they are widely available and not too expensive. We have processed 35mm and 120 in that monobath. In fact, I really like it with 120 Ilford Pan F!