Monday, November 29, 2010

First response from Kickstarter and a question to followers

Here is a copy of the first response from Kickstarter - one that I think asks the right questions. Now I would like to get comments from our little community of 75 following on blogger and others who come in often or occasionally.

This first response is from Cindy

Cindy commented on your Kickstarter submission:

Hi Bob,

Thanks for writing. Interesting idea -- I'm curious as to how you plan to bring
it to Kickstarter. Kickstarter projects succeed thanks to built-in communities
and creative, tangible rewards. Projects often receive pledges from complete
strangers, but this is usually due to the momentum that their friends and fans
help create.

How would you present your project? Kickstarter projects are those focused
around a singular, creatively-based aim. What rewards would you offer backers?
Take a look around the site for some ideas and how you would structure.


What do you think of Cindy's question, and how should we answer it? Do we have some momentum and built in support, and how do we explain how a film might accomplish a creative mission? What should the rewards and levels be, and how should we structure it? Can anyone think of some creative and interesting awards in addition to a "New55" product?  Can we make a strong case, and what will it have to do to be considered successful?  Who might benefit besides instant film users, and will this make artistic expression better, broader, easier, more accessible, more powerful?


Inward Studio said...

Cindy doesn't get it. Too funny.

Max said...

not sure if it entirely answers the question but users of the film could submit there best shots to be compiled into a book shortly after the film is released along with some words showing their passions towards instant and analogue photography you could also include the story behind how the new55 film came to be. would generate a bit of a buzz and everyone likes to have something published.

Bob Crowley said...

Interesting Max - I like it!


Anonymous said...

I don't think it has to be perfect out of the gate. Also, there must be people who we can get to help who would be intersted in some signed prints maybe as rewards? JM

ps somebody here must do videos?????

Anonymous said...

Not sure I'm answering Cindy's questions, but I feel there need to be more then just this one blog in order to organize a community and market the product.
Look at how much noise the Impossible project made (more noise then actual value if you ask me), But they definitely caught everyone's attention.

For starters there need to be a fully fledged site, beautifully designed (sexy). With a forum section, FAQs and information on instant B&W film and the tools used to shoot it, gallery of users, regular competitions with awards.

Then may be it could be possible to create a regular publication of sorts. Something like B&W magazine, but for instant film. Offer real gallery shows to the award winners.

Think bigger then just a film idea ...

Anonymous said...

I know I'll pledge 500 USD. How about rewarding pledgers with film and prints?

Unknown said...

I agree with Anonymous in the previous comment. The Impossible Project used a well designed campaign to generate expectation and buzz. (I also agree that the product has not yet fulfilled expectations). Nevertheless, it WILL take more than a blog and 109 subscribers to create buzz and interest. A "hot" web site is a start. And, in the same way that Edwin Land enlisted the interest and support of Ansel Adams, perhaps you could enlist well known Polaroid shooters (Paul Caponigro & Mary Ellen Mark come immediately to mind) to test the film and then use their results as rewards. That might appeal to art buyers who are not necessarily instant film users.

Bob Crowley said...

Remember we are only looking to fund at the 100k level or maybe even less if we can corporate match, so this is a smaller project than TIP, and more focused. I think we'd all welcome any webmaster/designer who has the ability to execute a site. For Kickstarter, don't they expect a video?

Bob Crowley said...

Robert, can you help us recruit Paul Caponigro or Mary Ellen Mark? We have enlisted thought leaders in medical and recording fields to help launch new products, so why not New 55? And doesn't having a project up on Kickstarter produce a great deal of visibility?

Eric Smith said...

Hi Bob-
I would be willing to help with any website design. I agree that an amazing website could give that little bit of boost that the project needs. I found out about your project via another follower on Twitter. The Polaroid community is larger than I had orignially expected and I feel pretty confident you could use some of the existing channels (photographers, artists) to attest to the amazing qualities for the film.

The first thing that comes to mind is just having the availability of a Type 50 sheet film! The type 55 Polaroid was the best for a variety of reasons. Perhaps you could appeal to each of the areas it appeals to?

Unknown said...

Bob, If you give me a go ahead, and permission to speak on your behalf in order to explain the intention of New 55 to "name" Polaroid shooters, I'm happy to try to contact them and enlist their support.

Bob Crowley said...

Robert, yes, please go ahead! Thank you!

Theodoros Chliapas said...

if you have an idea or something in mind for a video, i would be glad to help. Maybe an artistic one with instant photography as the subject?
I have some cameras that i shoot instant with (speed graphic for 4x5, rollei sl66 and mamiya universal for type 100 and an sx-70 for pack films).

If you would like to see some of my videos:

let me know,

Bob Crowley said...

This is a great response - I think all we need now is a clear idea of what we should reward our supporters with. Might I suggest some combination of prints and films, perhaps two levels of support so it isn't too complicated? Maybe level one could be a signed print, and level two a signed print and a box of film? In that case, what should the dollar amounts be?

Unknown said...

Bob, I will begin tracking down Polaroid shooters tomorrow. I'd prefer to keep you updated about progress and so forth off line. Can I contact you via email? (If so, need your address)

Max said...

what about something like the impossible projects pioneer card? rewarding certain levels of purchase with a constant discount say after you have bought your first 4 boxes you get 5% off all future boxes then after 12 boxes a further 5% off. i also agree that a sleek website is the next logical step for raising interest though!

Bob Crowley said...

Robert - you can use to reach me. The second character is the number "one".

Bob Crowley said...

Comments from some of the business types are now needed. Zoe, Aaron, Lou, Mark, John C, and others: We need a clear, concise value proposition that kickstarter will grasp.

Zoe Wiseman said...

I really think the website idea with a clear goal in mind focusing on ALL uses for Type 55 is critical. You could still have a blog - I'm quite savvy in setting up wordpress sites. ;)

I have a few cases of Type 55 in storage and if someone would come and film me shooting with it to really hit home on how luxurious and beautiful and INSTANT the negative and the positive is, I would be happy to run off some shots for the cause.

I also think that you could maybe give away some film stock to those who contribute $500.00 or more to get it started. Maybe the first 20 people who contribute $500.00 or more get to be the first to use the films, beta test them, publish them and be used for the promotion of Type 55. You do want to use the best work of course, but why not?

There are some really good ideas here. I think you should run with it. And the Impossible Pioneer card thing... what Max said.

The value is that artists get to continue their way of working. It's like if someone took away oil paints, oil painters would not be able to continue their way of making art. Type 55 is my oil paint. And all the new photographers popping up all over the place will be able to branch out away from the digital digital digital world and experience something different and even more instantaneous.

Zoe Wiseman said...

Oh and sorry it took me a minute to respond here... Just saw it and been dealing with dentists lately. eww! :(

Zoe Wiseman said...

AH!!! And you definitely need a Facebook fan page. That way people can share stuff and the buzz happens. Do you have one yet? Do you know about Email me if you need some help in the web world. I'm a geek like that. ;)

Bob Crowley said...

Zoe - sent you an email.