Saturday, November 27, 2010

Film, Pod and Clip Construction

We've been pondering over this part for a while and have come to the conclusion that to make this assembly, we should make one continuous backing sheet and then lay the Efke on top of that.  There is a concern that doing this will lead to a too-thick assembly though, but I think that can be made up for (or subtracted actually) at the receiver sheet, which can be thinner.  Also it might not matter much: the rollers should, if used this way, compensate for thickness, the only limit being the rails (not shown) on each side of the receiver sheet. These rails regulate the distance between the receiver and the negative, essentially the space where the viscous, spreadable reagent can flow.

Putting the film over a prepared surface makes hand-assembly of that part possible in total darkness without a lot of tooling or fixturing.

At the bottom you can see the double-chambered pod, very similar to that still used by Fuji in FP100C45.  We would leave out the "holes" at the top which are a reservoir for excess reagent and instead have some kind of light sealing cap with some space under it.

This is a color negative but the same dimensions as 55, reposted here in higher resolution.  Kodak Readyloads and Fuji Quickloads look almost the same, except no pod is present.


Anonymous said...

Really nice, please post when the kickstarter site is online, i hope many people are crazy than me to get a new 55 film. If possible i will donate. Are there plans for 2011 to come out with the first produced sheets?

Really great work!
Tobias from Koenigswinter(Germany)

Bob Crowley said...


Thanks, Kickstarter is awaiting approval or moderation. I appreciate your support. The hard part will be providing the kind of awards that many kickstarter supporters might expect with a pared-down project (what do we give them?) or trying to get kickstarter funds for the whole thing, which would be a high amount for that method, but not unheard of.

Still the amount needed is quite a lot. I would be inclined to ask Soundwave Research put in a matching amount or something like that if the response is strong enough.

This actually could be a good test of the support level that a new instant sheet film product actually has, or not.

My profile is up as bobcrowley, but the project isn't at this moment.

Brian Miller said...

What I would also like to see is repackaging of sheet film into pod format like Readyload and Quickload. I really like those convenient packages, and it would be a great addition to the new Type 55 project.

Fuji has discontinued 100B45, and I'm missing that already. (whine) I really hope that your project is successful.

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks and yes, that and more. Old Pol made the Kodak Readyload assemblies in Waltham which is why those stopped at exactly the same time. Fuji is chaotic. Neither put the emulsions I wanted in them much, such as ISO 400 B&W. Most were E6.

A B&W Readyload can be field processed quite easily, if you have the right compact processor. That's a real possibility.

You can still get the FP100B45. There's some stock out there, so go get it.