Friday, November 5, 2010

FP100C stereo pair

Here, finally, are the cross-eyed pair of apples. Shot with the Byron on the kitchen counter, then eaten. Click to enlarge. These are not hyper stereo, just angled at approximate eye space.

The Byron is an amazing camera based on a Polaroid 110B that requires no adapter for the Fuji PA-45, a Grafmatic, or a standard 4X5 film holder.  It's truly an ingenious design that totally departs from the "graft" or "adapter" system used on many converted 110 and similar cameras.

Cross-eyed stereo is hard for some people, but very easy once you get used to it. Sit well back, relax, cross and wait, as the eyes will naturally fuse and focus the images, if you are patient. It helps to tilt your head a little to fuse the images in the vertical plane. Start with small images from a distance and work your way up. You will then have the secret ability to compare two similar objects or pictures, such as the side-by-side puzzles in which you are asked to find what parts are missing from one. They appear instantly, and are obvious, when viewed together like this. Also any two time separated image frames will produce a third visually different, often stereo appearing frame.


robert e said...

If it's any consolation, Google Reader presented them side-by-side. To be honest, though, the shot looks so 3D to begin with that the stereo effect is minimal. Or is it something to do with subject geometry and distance not being ideal?

I may be further showing my ignorance about stereoscopic images here, but I'm wondering why these weren't stitched into a single wide image, maybe with appropriate space between?

Bob Crowley said...

Laziness, unwillingness to copy and paste them into a single file today.

Also they could be reversed in your view. It is not a hyper stereo image, but when viewed the two front apples really pop out.

Bob Crowley said...

The lower left one is the right side image.

Max said...

quite a large amount of camera envy!

Bob Crowley said...

Insane, isn't it? All those big eyes, and the engineering is really perfect.

Bob Crowley said...

Tomorrow I will re post the apples as a proper stereo pair. I just wasn't in the mood today.