Wednesday, November 17, 2010

9" f3 portrait lens

Today this portrait lens was cobbled together out of a Zeiss condenser and a B&L negative meniscus lens - both recovered finds from the Sudbury dump.  These lenses are fairly big, and when stacked closely result in a nine inch focal length with a big aperture.  Put together with gaffer's tape, it is a temporary test, and it just fit on an Anniversary Speed Graphic lensboard with no room to spare. The negative lens is just placed on top of the condenser lens, and the two are set on a wood lens board and then taped into place.

Here's the result on Fuji FP100C45.

9 inch lenses with f 3 apertures aren't too common. This one easily covers 8X10.  I don't know why, but smaller images online and thumbnails from this Epson scanner appear different when enlarged, and you can see the effect when you click on the image of the man with the glasses in his hand, or the two ladies, below, in their beachwear.  What causes this? Somebody has to know.

To make it even more of a mystery, this effect is only seen on my macbook running OSX, and not on a desktop running XP Pro. Both on Firefox. What's up with that - some kind of hidden color profile maybe?

All Hail the Speed Graphic for making this kind of experiment so easy! Pity the poor Linhofs, and their inability to turn light on and off when needed.

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Mad scientist!