Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fuji FP-100C Exposure, Reciprocity and Color Shift

Like most color films, the spectral characteristics of Fuji's FP-100C instant color packfilm vary with longer exposures.

Once you get past a quarter of a second, you had better beware and lengthen the exposure or open up the lens to compensate. Today I made 30 second exposures of a little table top setup of fruit that I am using for a stereo demo, at f32. If you extrapolate the chart, you can see that a 30 second exposure is only half again more exposure than at 16 seconds, not double. Alas, the uncertainties of color films. But, I am told there is almost no reciprocity failure with Fuji's Provia color transparency film, which I also have a stash of.

Don't be afraid to try a long exposure with Fuji's color packfilm, but double or triple what your light meter says once you get in the 5 to 30 second range, and expect some color shift.  Actually, if they didn't mention it, I might not have noticed the color shift.

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