Saturday, October 16, 2010

Buy some PZ-600

Impossible has some even better 600 speed monochrome film for the various SX-70 cameras and derivatives.  Here is a link to this improved stuff, which I recommend very highly.

There is frequent mention of Land on the Impossible site, but nothing there that I can find about Howard Rogers, who is the person who actually invented integral film. All this doting worship of Land is starting to get old - how about some credit to the guy who invented instant color film, and then integral film? Howard Rogers is now gone, but his many inventions remain. I talked not long ago with a scientist who worked directly under Rogers, who reported to Land, and he described him as "the real genius behind Polaroid film technology" and he added "Land was like P.T Barnum, obviously very smart, and great at promoting".

Anyway I've been a fan of Rogers since the 60s when I first got my adapter for my J66 to shoot color, which was a challenge to use, and then ran out and bought the original SX70, output of which is seen here, and am still using it in 2010.
is a link to a Life Magazine article that mentions and shows Rogers.

Fuji FP-100C Exposure, Reciprocity and Color Shift

Like most color films, the spectral characteristics of Fuji's FP-100C instant color packfilm vary with longer exposures.

Once you get past a quarter of a second, you had better beware and lengthen the exposure or open up the lens to compensate. Today I made 30 second exposures of a little table top setup of fruit that I am using for a stereo demo, at f32. If you extrapolate the chart, you can see that a 30 second exposure is only half again more exposure than at 16 seconds, not double. Alas, the uncertainties of color films. But, I am told there is almost no reciprocity failure with Fuji's Provia color transparency film, which I also have a stash of.

Don't be afraid to try a long exposure with Fuji's color packfilm, but double or triple what your light meter says once you get in the 5 to 30 second range, and expect some color shift.  Actually, if they didn't mention it, I might not have noticed the color shift.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kodak reports that sales of films are INCREASING

Hard to believe, but believe it - EKC's US marketing person for their pro films Scott DiSabato has reported that film sales are up, and that EVEN BLACK AND WHITE FILM SALES HAVE INCREASED.

How can this be? I was just about to ditch my entire film camera collection so I could afford a new D700. Wait a minute - I don't have to, because EKC has just come out with an even more scanner-friendly film called Portra 400.

Is that a 4X5 box I see?

Here's more on that.

Also, interesting mention is made of Canham who are known to us for their ability to aggregate large format film orders, and get them filled!

With  a PE of less than 4, and trading at about five bucks, could Kodak be a sleeper?