Monday, September 27, 2010

Plan Outline

  • 20-40K units/yr at $6
  • Commercial Professionals  15%
  • Artists 50%
  • Advanced Amateurs 20%
  • Others 15%

Product Specification
Single sheet positive/negative self processing 4X5 unit. ISO 25 monochrome. Used with Polaroid 545 holder in 4X5 and larger cameras with backs that accept this film holder. Ten sheets per box, with packet of sodium sulfite, and instructions-for-use. MSDS enclosed. Labeled for commercial and industrial sales.

  • EFKE PL 25 M or equivalent
  • Double pod, pH buffered monobath reagent with methyl cellulose thickener.
  • Aluminized plastic with side burst adhesive
  • Single sheet, folded and seamed opaque black paper. Channels to hold film at edges, adhesive strips at outer edges, and flap for receiver sheet
  • Diffusion Transfer Reversal, 4X5, glossy
  • 10 ready to use sheets per box, with sodium sulfite packet included
Cost Analysis (COGS)
  • Materials 2.09
  • Labor 0.38
  • GM 50% (target)
  • Paper dies
  • Sleeve folding and heat seal
  • End cap crimper
  • End cap mold
  • Printing screen
  • Pod dies
  • Pod machine
Commercialization requirements
  • Requires committed in-place distribution partner
  • 8 months from funding to first sale
  • Commitment of 10K units (1000 boxes) required from distributor
Alternative or adjacent Products
  • Single sheet in-holder processing kit for use with 4X5 film holders
  • Clearing tank
  • Drying holder
Line Extensions
  • Other BW emulsions
Intellectual Property
  • RTP (clearance) and 3 new filings (done)  (US only) on improved mfg process, and two other key material aspects.
  • $210K(USD) ship to stock
  • or
  • $25K(USD) Prototypes only for evaluation, further financing, and process development that would supply limited amounts of film to supporters and key photographers, and show the results.


awldune said...

Is that $6 a sheet? Your cost, or sale price?

Also, any new results with DTR? I'm sure everyone would be interested to see any new results you have!

Jeannette Palsa said...

I anxiously await the development and sales of Polaroid P55-type positive/negative film. Please keep me posted!

Unknown said...

How can we help make this happen?

Bob Crowley said...

We are working on a daylight field usable 4x5 negative holder and processor.

The plan above is being picked at slowly, for instance a vendor is quoting on sleeves, and pod packaging. But, it will still take an investment from someone with distribution to make it happen, though it is perfectly feasible and not even that hard!

Shalom said...

I've got a suggestion for that "Line Extension" section: once you get up and running, what are the chances that you might be able to produce roll-films (41, etc.) as well? The reagent and pod would be about the same, although you'd probably need a faster emulsion than ISO 25.

Who knows, there might even be a market for them. There are hundreds of doorstops out there that used to be Polaroid roll-film cameras before they discontinued the film for them.

Bob Crowley said...

Interesting suggestion, but I fear no market for that anymore. Better to focus on pack film, especially now that Fuji has further narrowed its line. There are many millions of pack film cameras and backs still out there in perfect condition - more than any other format Old Pol ever made. A boutique seller would be assured some sales if Fuji exits. But, these are large cameras, and produce a lot of throwaway waste.

The market for a camera that produces an instant print with the exposure control of digital, yet the colors and feel of analog, is strong - and an unmet one.

Bob Crowley said... this one

If it is any good, I will buy one.

Unknown said...

Why can't New55 be used in Polaroid 500/545 backs like Old55? Seems like there's no reason to reinvent the wheel when wheels can be had on that auction site for under twenty bucks.

Bob Crowley said...

That would be correct if we were going to make a replacement for old 55. That's not in the plan as it would be far too expensive, and wouldn't work with a field developed negative. Any of the Readyload, 545, Qucikload holders could theoretically be used if Quickloads and the like were back in production, but they are not. We need to accommodate existing films, that you can buy today.

Sérgio Moura said...

This is such a great idea...

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks - it isn't really my idea though, just the call from a lot of photogs who want a high resolution instant negative at 4x5 now that 55 os gone. It actually is not that hard to accomplish, but, the market for these materials is small, and it will take a very substantial cash investment to start it, and then some more money to keep it going. I have been hoping to find collaborators, perhaps people who were previously at Polaroid in Waltham, which is nearby, to assist, but so far none have come forward.

Greg Roberts said...

I know this wouldn't fund the full $210,000 project. But what about coming up with a sub-project requiring less funding and trying to fund it via

I am also confused as to why this would not use the Polaroid 500 holders. I thought that the roller system is key to spreading the developer evenly and these holders already accomplish that. I don't understand your previous answer.

Bob Crowley said...

There is a sub project to make a field processor for 4x5 sheet film using the monobath. It is being done as a no-commitment collaboration with one other engineer though, and only as time allows.

The 500 series holders are indeed key to spreading reagent from a pod with gel-like reagent in them. I believe this could be quite easily done, and we have the reagent formula that will process Efke 25 in place of Pan-X. The receiver sheet and the pod making equipment have been identified and of course priced.

But the thing we all have to understand: As a standalone product, a 55 type sheet film will not enjoy much of a market and recovery of the investment is quite uncertain. However, there is every reason to think that a revived instant film industry with multiple products could be self supporting and profitable. When and if that time arrives there will be at least be executable plans in place. Perhaps in a couple of years that could be a possibility. As far as kickstarter I have not looked into it, but if you can help us secure the funding Greg we are ready to supply the plans and the facility with a complete manufacturing ability for a new product and might have product in distribution in short order - probably within 6 months of financing.

You can order the monobath materials on Amazon. HC-110, Ilford Rapid Fixer, and some mixing containers. Ammonia can be bought at the grocery store. I highly recommend it! We have shown quite a few images processed in the monobath and they were very convenient and I think acceptable in quality.

Let me know if you can participate in helping raise the money. Thanks!

Bob Crowley said...

please note this has been revised many times and is left here for historical purposes.