Sunday, September 12, 2010

Listen to this: inside analog photo radio

Wonder what Aaron Muderick, Polly Chandler, Zoe Wiseman and other innovative artists have to say about what they do?  Inside analog photo radio is the place to go to "listen about photography".

Analog photographers are the primary guests on the program, which is sponsored by FujiFilm, DR5, Eastman House, and some others.

I particularly enjoyed Aaron's more recent interview on stereo imaging - enough to get me motivated to set up a pair of old but identical 645 cameras on a bar, to make some 3D chromes.

Here is the link to inside analog photo radio.

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Inward Studio said...

It is one of the greatest places to learn about film photography. I have learned so much and have every episode saved on my computer as a resource. I'm still trying to figure out why Scott interviewed me.