Sunday, August 1, 2010

More on "Polanegs" from Fuji FP-100C

Tobias Feltus has yet another refinement of the reclaiming of a color negative from the Fuji FP-100C color pack film material, which he has posted here.

Someone from Fuji has reported that their sales of this and the black and white materials are up, sharply.  Surprisingly, this has apparently caused a problem for Fujifilm - too much demand for the FP-100B and FP-100B45 materials, so they say they might not be able to produce it. 

No comment on the economic arguments posed by this report.

Go see Tobias here.

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Aaron said...

I have been haphazardly removing the black backing to create distressing effects and odd shaped borders for the image. This is a great process. The 100C film is very robust and survived a week of transport in the front cover of my camera before bringing it home to remove the backing. Great stuff!