Friday, July 30, 2010

Of Mice and Roots

Would Steinbeck mind? Something WPA about these two, if only Dorothea had Reagent III with her.

Click to see the furry critters up close!

Photo credit DF


Bob Crowley said...

It is always fun to see how a title changes a picture that doesn't need a title. You can watch people in museums who only read the titles and never seem to look at the paintings. What you call something changes everything and it is hard to go back. No, those are not poor little mice on skewers.

Bob Crowley said...

Like the adjacent post of the tree, the relatively contrasty results of TMX in Reagent III can be seen, but these could be scanned in better because there is shadow and highlight detail present. The shorter 2 minute Efke examples are a good demonstration of low contrast, and there are several in-between examples posted here and there on this blog. So, you can, it seems, select your contrast. Of course the lighting ratio of sky and cat tails is much higher than a lathe in a room with overhead lighting, that one shot with Ilford Pan F. The 4X5 Efke outdoor images were normal contrast, overexposed as they were, processed for a couple of minutes.

Anonymous said...