Sunday, July 4, 2010

More fun with reagents

The venerable South Bend Lathe, bought surplus, previously NASA property according to the brass tag, here shown again this time with a tangle of plastic chips from boring a mounting ring for a Kodak Aero Ektar lens.

Processed in Reagent 3, as described below. Ilford Pan F Plus (ISO 50) processed for about 5 minutes though, to make sure it has time to do its thing, and cropped severely enough (about a fourth) from the original 6 X 4.5 cm negative. Photo credit: DF

And just because I have them, here are the original production cards from South Bend for this particular machine, which is referred to as a 10" Heavy, by persons in the field.  This unit has an X meaning hardened bed, which was a special order item. The lathe is also marked, or labeled, with a metal NASA tag stating "NASA Property". It is hard to see the connection to Packard, but they were likely a NASA contractor in the 60s - many American industrial companies were.


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By Jove, you're really on to something here. Excellent. jb

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More pics coming
2 rolls done with the Mamiaya
great parade shots
start mixing mix master

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so....this is developed just with your formula, right? One bath. Obviously done in a daylight tank, but otherwise, just the one solution/formula/reagent and a standard film. Then what - you dry it and scan it in, and you're done?

Very impressive Bob, better than the Efke. How about trying it on 4x5 Ilford?

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Brilliant photo. Thanks "DF"