Thursday, June 17, 2010

Still Wanted: Paterson Orbital, with the Motor

I did get one of these, and have just observed an apparent speed increase of the Efke 25 in Reagent 3 using it. That's OK but I would really like to get another one, and the motor base. Or, just a motor base. Maybe I could make a motor base.  Will trade actual money for this item.


Anonymous said...

I think you could use any base for this, such as a "uniroller" base. Not too uncommon or expensive on Ebay.

Bob Crowley said...

I looked at those and they are for rolling cylinders. This is flat and has to rock.

Paul said...

You might be able to pick up a rocking platform from a second hand science supply depot, or eBay.

Aaron said...

You are welcome to borrow my motor if, unlike the orbital itself, you don't need to hack it up.

Keep in mind that the motors are set for UK electricity and you want to make sure your electric converter maintains the same rotation speed.

Bob Crowley said...


How about a couple of detailed pictures of the motor - maybe I can make one? No, I wouldn't be hacking that up at all.

Good progress yesterday, Efke scratches, but does DTR. Mystery on the film speed as I got a too dense negative in R3 at 70 deg. Check my shutter again.