Sunday, June 20, 2010

Potatoheart - Tobias Feltus

Fellow Speed Graphic aficionado Tobias Feltus walks us through the iterative process of making images assisted by instant photographic materials, in this case FP-100.  The seemingly quaint Speed Graphic is an essential tool of many analog photographers, and it is quite fortunate for us that Graflex manufactured them by the millions, as we are assured an adequate supply out to at least 2100.  These 60 and 70 year old boxes may need a little bit of fixing up from time to time, but should last indefinitely.  Here is a most realistic and satisfying presentation of artistic use of such a camera, and the overall process of making Potatoheart.


Salihonba said...

Thanks for sharing, very interesting and inspiring!

Maximg4040 said...

what a quality video!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Feltus seems to have a magician's style about him.