Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Park Street Ice Cream

Wish I could say I'm taking time off for ice cream this time of year, when Summer is about to begin, and the warm days and nights make us completely forget the long freezing Winter. It's hard to imagine it.

The Paterson Orbital processor arrived today in great shape, ready to hasten the selection of materials, time and reagents, as well as film choices for new field processable 4x5 black and white negatives.  Having a fast, daylight tank that doesn't use gallons of chemicals is a relief.

It's too bad Paterson stopped producing this product. On the embossed surface, it is marked "patent applied for" but I haven't spotted it yet online. Perhaps Paterson decided it wasn't worth it, or maybe the claims were so narrow that it hardly mattered.  One has to go on ebay and buy from someone in England to get one, and the postage is very expensive.

Image: Park Street Ice Cream, Natick MA, on a Summer evening. Click to enlarge.


John Chervinsky said...

Nice image. What was it shot with? Onto what film? Best wishes, -John Chervinsky

Bob Crowley said...

Hi John

It was shot on EPN, and as I recall was done with the M645 and the 105, exposure as I recall was about a second. Yikes I should clean and rescan it.

I liked the grain of EPN on this kind of subject.