Friday, June 4, 2010

Dr Koger on Comment Spam

Apparently an unfortunate fact of life, people trying to sell anything from hair color to Bermuda cruises. If you find your comment missing in action, it's because it looked like spam to the comment spam filter. The comment spam filter catches most html comments, and html links are turned off to discourage comments with lots of html in them.

Actually Jim Koger does not comment on comment spam at all.  Here he is, some years ago, inventing the short-pulse, zero-ringdown ultrasound transducer that made high quality Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) possible. Today it is a $600M business. But at that time, it was thought to be only a $10M business.  "Who needs it?" they asked.

Who indeed! Docs putting in stents, that's who, and a lot of them.  Drug coated stent FDA approvals require the use of IVUS. Yes, that means that the $4B business of drug coated stents would be much smaller, maybe nonexistent today, if not for the measurement and imaging capability of IVUS to produce a high quality grey scale image of the cross section of a human artery.More on that here.  Just good to keep in mind - images enable things to happen, images are important, seeing precedes doing, and what you do can depend entirely on how you see it, or image it.

To image the waves of the transducer, the part that acts like the lens of the camera, Jim used up crates of 667, seen in the background to optically, permanently capture fleeting traces on the screen.  None have ever been lost, overwritten, corrupted or virus-infected.

Today we wasted hours trying to save a screen image on our brand new Agilent portable spectrum analyzer but find it cannot be done except in a crappy jpeg format that is unprintable in any normal printer. I nearly broke out the scope camera and might do so if Agilent can't tell us what a .TNG file is. 

TMY 6X4.5cm negative. Click on it for a real view.


Anonymous said...

hmmm you must have found my crap image in the printer. Sorry:(

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I'm just looking for things to crank about, and exaggerating. Learning is never time wasted.