Saturday, May 29, 2010

What the f/90 Aperture Does

There is something distinctly Bostonian in this product copy which seems to be organized like a Powerpoint presentation.

Old Pol had so many product codes, accessories, gadgets and materials and would release a new product weekly it seemed.

New Product Introduction is necessary for business growth. Companies that sit on existing product codes maintain their existing positions if they are fortunate. Those that know how to leverage existing products, with appropriate changes, into new markets are usually the winners.  When Type 47 came out, a 3000 speed film was nearly impossible to believe, and it revolutionized available light instant photography.  FP-3000B is its direct descendant.

Fuji could do that again by coming out with a more user-controllable camera for their excellent, 800-fast Instax Wide film, or collaborating with Summit Group to produce it.  It would have been unthinkable at Old Pol to have such a successful film, and only have one camera that uses it.

20 inches is being modest. With the bellows racked out, I think the focus is acceptable at 10 inches.  That close, 10 inch focusing distance is what made the SX-70 such a gem. I can only imagine some kind of SLR that could do that with Instax Wide, what great images we could achieve.

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