Monday, May 24, 2010

The Pod Machine

QuickPouch  makes this and other pod and pouch making and filling machines like this one. The QuickPouch Mini, which would be good enough for what we are thinking, costs about $35,000, plus another $12,000 consisting of the liquid fill system (our might cost more because it needs to be pressurized to get the high viscosity reagent to flow), the stamp system, and the sealer.  Conveniently on wheels, with a foot switch, the unit in the photo is a more deluxe version than the Mini, which is a tabletop machine.

On the top you can see the unfolded pouch or pod material, very much like the type used at 20X24 Studio.  There has to be a filling line, a hot press, and the cutter added to it. Take a look at the pod machine at 20X24 here. 

I met with the QuickPouch people at a manufacturing trade show in Boston, and was impressed by the simplicity and versatility of their machine.  If we are to make "readyload" type system with a built in reagent pod, this is exactly the machine we will need for that part.  It appears that the sleeve and clip can be outsourced. The film is Efke 25.  More on that soon, hopefully.  Still buying some equipment and working on other projects here to keep the doors open.


Max said...

seems more and more to all be coming together nicely!

Bob Crowley said...

The trouble is still the cost to produce and what people will pay per sheet. Readyloads went out at $3 each - too expensive people said. $6 for a Readyload that develops also is more than people will pay.

If we are to make this available for artistic use it has to be laterally supported with PCR and other industrial applications. Investors are not going to shell out $47k to serve a $100k market.

No question on feasibility though.

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