Thursday, May 20, 2010


I realize the Cost Analysis looks quite daunting. Recreating T55 in total isn't something we set out to do, fortunately, so this is a good and sobering exercise that puts cost/benefit in perspective.

A field processable, high quality negative for 4x5 is not something that should be too expensive. It should be convenient, quick, excellent in quality, and not require a darkroom.  A choice of emulsions would be desirable, as would less disposable waste. T55 wasn't exactly "green".

Some of our readers have ideas and so do we.  At a buck a shot, what can be done?  This will require some ingenuity, certainly. Some kind of integrated film holder and processor using a cheap one-shot monobath would reduce component count, and cost.  Already familiar but discontinued Readyloads are possible candidates for a field processor.

In the meantime, here is another shot of the converted 110A. This works well for 100 packfilms, but for handheld 4X5, I have a Byron coming and cannot wait to start using it.

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Terry Tarara said...

Dear Bob,
Who constructed your Byron? Is it true that if you have a 110A, you must convert to a 110B first and then convert to a Byron 4x5?

I've been reading about the camera on this blog:
The camera looks sharp and uncluttered by knobs, screws and bolts.

I definitely want one.

Look forward to hearing more about your Byron.