Monday, May 17, 2010

Fuji Integral Film - Instax

Shot taken yesterday with the stock Instax 210 camera set to the "near" distance, to focus on the Japanese maple leaves under the brilliant blue sky. No attempt to improve Dmax or anything at scan-in. so you see it very much like it appeared a minute after the shot was taken.

In fact these colors are rendered realistically on yet another clear weekend when air traffic over the Northeast has once again been limited due to volcanic ash. One can imagine that we might start to like clear blue skies, and would opt to stop contrail-producing air traffic, and encourage fast transAtlantic boats again.   Usually the afternoons are a criss-cross of contrails near Boston, along a heavily traveled air route, same as over Surrey England, which clouds up early every day due to contrails.

At what price do we span the globe?

Click on the image to see details.  I have taken apart another Instax camera and intend to mount a 65mm Super Angulon to it later this week and return to Babico's in Maynard, MA for some breakfast and another shot,  sort of like this one done recently with the stock Instax on a cloudy day.

I can see pages load from the server, and only one in 40 visitors to a page actually click on the images to see them at full resolution.  Nearly every image posted here is in a small thumbnail and also a full res version, since this is about photography.  OK now, click on the image of Babico's, please!  See how sharp Instax is. 

Both images have that plastic lens look. Imagine what a decent lens could do. Today I spent a lot of time on the Instax conversion and ruined the camera in the process. You can see  the result at the Black Gallery. Have to start over.


John Chervinsky said...

Hi Bob, It looks better than one would expect. According to Fuji's data sheet, it should give us 10 lines/mm. So according to that, it's not quite as good as fp 100 c. Still, it seems to have a unique quality.

Bob Crowley said...

Hi John

I'm intrigued by what it might do with a glass lens, but haven't accomplished that yet! What a mess on the bench of gears (many) and parts. The Babico's scan is hi res enough for you to see the grain. The integral process preserves a fair amount of highlight detail but not much shadow detail.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob Crowley I like this but how about getting a real lens on that Instax camera. When are we gonna see?

Bob Crowley said...

I'm going to try again after a failed first attempt when I took the camera apart and all those gears went everywhere.

That milky look is not the film, it's flare. I think the Instax film might actually be quite contrasty.