Monday, May 10, 2010

110a Packfilm Conversion

Since we have a Bridgeport milling machine I thought I would mill out the cast magnesium/aluminum body of an old 110a so a packfilm back would fit in with no other modifications.  It does, once enough clearance is made. Then, mysteriously and wonderfully, the screw holes line up perfectly with existing rivet holes in the old 110a.  Amazing.  A little color on the Polahide and the bellows, some through the transparency lighting, and off we go to The Black Gallery.

Don't do this with your 110B! Let a pro make that into a 4x5 camera.

This was a fun project.


Maximg4040 said...

you going to get any pictures taken by this up?

Bob Crowley said...

I would expect so. The test shots of things around the lab like old guitars, the lathe, a table and chairs, and the wall with some marks to line up the viewfinder were done on FP-3000B, and are fine, but not exactly post-worthy.

Aaron said...

super sweet mod! The paint job looks awesome too.

I've painted my holgas with Duplicolor paint from Mirage. We use some of the secret sauce in that paint here in the putty-lab. It creates a very striking effect on curving surfaces.

Philip said...

It'd be nice to see more pictures of the mod!