Monday, April 19, 2010

Type 690 film available

For those with passport, license, company ID and other equipment that is labeled :Use Type 690 Film" we have an even better film choice, IMO, than before - repackaged FP-100c. It is being sold somewhere here at a not bad price.

Several naive people have thought that this was somehow deceptive - as if "orange flavored" or "New55" means real orange juice or Waltham Polaroid T55.  It cannot be.

You might get the same film in the Fuji packaging for a little less cost if you shop around, which you may want to do if you want to reclaim negatives -  then the short-dated stuff appears to have a slight edge in the reagent streaking department.

Here is a link to the discussion on Flikr. Contrary to the few who misunderstand, it is of course comforting to realize that there are enough industrial, education, business, government and scientific users of material such as "690 type instant film" so that that Fuji can justify its continued production.  Bureaucracies everywhere spec out "type 690" and have it in their systems. "Art and hobby photographers" need to understand that.

But I think, and sincerely hope, you realize this is great news - a smaller marketplace populated with various rebrands and some new brands such as TIP, is a sign of health and interest, and maybe even profitability.  Somebody went to the trouble of getting this high quality material into a channel that was empty, which means more people will get it, the manufacturers will benefit, and we will too, as instant photography regroups.  Polaroid as we knew it is gone - if you think 690 Type Film is somehow fake, then you might not want to keep calling all those Fuji FP100c and Instax images on flikr "polaroids" any longer.  TIP isn't Polaroid either, nor is New55.  Over and out.


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of hooey in that thread.

Bob Crowley said...

I have to say I am quite disappointed with it too, as it seems so highly cynical and lacking of any understanding of what goes on in a disrupted marketplace. I'm almost glad Old Pol is gone after reading that.

Anonymous said...

well you gotta realize that group thinks all the film was made for them. They don't know squat about the actual markets and industrial sales that have kept much of it going for years. Think of the bazillion scope cameras still out there that need 3000 now.

Ignore them Bob, especially that guy who beat up the sales clerk.

Bob Crowley said...

That was Don, I think he is a lawyer. He had offered to help with materials and I hope he still is interested.