Monday, April 19, 2010

A special Thank-you

Aaron is just one of the several who have sent various forms of castoff and expired materials to greatly accelerate the New55 Project at Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc.

It is quite exciting to see "New55Project" on a UPS label (yes I know I should get out more).

We got a lot of those metal clips too and that has been a real time saver because we would otherwise have to have a tool designed and made to produce this trivial part. The current design idea is to use a piece of plastic and not a metal clip.  One mock up uses folded Fresca can aluminum and ordinary staples which pass right through and hold the film sheet nicely!  But Fresca cans are too thin, really, and produce a sharp edge.  Can't have that.

A wonderful insight occurred when we opened up some really moldy leaky 55 from Lou and found the metallic silver on the negative shiny and bright and the negative colored like exotic marble from mold.  Suddenly dawn broke over the cerebral cortex and we realized we could make a simpler system and eliminate a lot of parts.

That receiver sheet is still a mystery.  I grilled and interrogated everyone I could collar at this weekend's PHSNE photo show and old gear extravaganza and came up with some ex-Pol people but none who knew the slightest about receivers.  It is almost like the core to all of 55 was based on this one technique that we know is in broad daylight,  in several patents, but which one?

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Anonymous said...

I was just reading a post about the original Polaroid "chocolate" images, which apparently involved using a color negative and the receiver sheet from B&W, together. The post said this was only practical because the 8x10 and 20x24 formats had separate negatives and receiver sheets, which were only combined in the processor, so you could mix and match. But that made me think, do the 20x24 Studio people have the capability to make receiver sheets? And would they tell you how they do it? Or are they using a process that's so different that it wouldn't be helpful?