Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Poll Results: Have you or do you plan to use Impossible's PX-100?

Yes I have
  18 (30%)
Definitely plan to
  23 (38%)
I might try it
  13 (21%)
No interest in this film
  6 (10%)

Votes so far: 60
Poll closed


Frank said...

I missed this poll, count another vote for Yes

Bob Crowley said...

Here's another one - I forgot to vote

Bob Crowley said...

A sample size of 60 is large enough to show that there is crossover interest between New55 blog visitors and potential The Impossible Project film customers. Couple that with results about age from other polls and we see a younger, under 40 audience with a peak about 30 who are exploring analog photography and have an interest in larger formats.