Saturday, April 24, 2010

ISO 3 Direct Positive Paper from Harmon Announced

This is interesting and something I want to try in a view camera - Harmon's new Direct Positive paper.
ISO 3 sounds a bit slow, let's see, that's about 4 and a half stops slower than Velvia 50 - I can deal with that, maybe not for action shots, but with the big Aero Ektar, f2.5 at 7", this could be a lot of fun.  Now to figure out from who and how to order it.

About two years ago Harman and Polaroid were discussing moving sheet film to Harman's UK plant: Here's what I picked up online

April 18th, 2008, Mobberley, Cheshire UK and Minnetonka, MN, USA -- HARMAN technology Limited and its monochrome brand, ILFORD Photo and Polaroid Worldwide have been in discussions about ILFORD Photo taking on production of Polaroid's black and white professional instant sheet film. Despite their best efforts, together the prospective partners have determined that they can not find a commercially viable way forward.

HARMAN's Chairman and Managing Director, Phil Harris said. " The processes involved in the manufacture and assembly of professional instant sheet film products are very demanding and it would require substantial investment to re-establish them at HARMAN technology's site in Cheshire, England. When compared with current and projected sales for the products, it was clear that such an investment could not be justified."

Phil Harris continues: " While we had hoped to work together on continuing the production of instant sheet film, it is cost prohibitive to meet the declining demand. As a company, we are saddened that such an inspirational form of expression will disappear, but we will always remain staunchly committed to the long term future of monochrome photography in all its facets and we will continue to do everything we can to support it".

Simon ILFORD Photo / HARMAN technology Limited :


Max said...

Harman trying to jump on the LOMO bandwagon, didn't see that one coming...

Anonymous said...

so instead they scrapped all the equipment.

Graham said...

How does direct positive work? It would be cool to make instant transparencies.