Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Call the first number

Today, an inquiry came back with an unconfirmed suggestion that Polaroid the present entity (Corp., Inc. or whatever - don't know) has retained process info for some analog films.

That could simply mean somewhere in a file there are some records, drawings etc. that someone might think is valuable enough to not send to the dumpster. Hard to tell.

Separately, but also today,  Lou Barranti, New55Project helper and reader, sent along some very old 55 in this box with the graphic and phone numbers as shown. More on the invaluable contribution by Lou and the insight it provided today, in an unexpected way, a few posts later.

Meanwhile, after casually looking over the box Lou sent clips, leaky pods and good receiver sheets in, and noticing the quaint graphic with the interesting details,  I called the second "to order" number and got the "out of service" recording.  No surprise.

Then I dialed (remember dialing?) the first number,  "more information" and am intrigued by what plays.

That recording isn't there for just fun - someone is certainly gauging interest, and counting calls.

It's toll-free, but WATS lines (Wide Area Telephone Service, or 800 numbers) do cost money to keep in service.  Chances are it is US-only.  Every call might be a vote in our favor.


Anonymous said...

I called the number. VERY interesting! :)

Bob Crowley said...

Yes, but they took that message down, and now send you to their website. They do not know what they are doing.