Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Calibration and Reference

Looking at this blog and its images on different screens got me thinking about how it looks on your screen.  Mainly I use a Macbook Pro with LED backlighting which is generally brighter than the fluorescent LCD monitor we use at the lab CAD station, and has a different look.  This Kodak-generated guide image is meant for print but I think it is handy because it is easy to discuss. Do you find the cello a bit on the intense orange side? I do. How about the yellow necklace? That looks a bit saturated.  Where do 90-95 greys fall on your screen? They are well gradated but slightly compressed. Is the red vest as saturated as the red rectangle to the right? Not on this screen. Is the leftmost model's forehead washing out? Here it almost does, but never goes all the way. How about the white headband on the center model? Washed out here, slightly.  Saturation in general is strong when seen full size, but looks more natural as a thumbnail.

Your thoughts are solicited.  This image has more contrast, here, than most of what I scan and post, and about the same contrast as the digis used in the Fuji Negative tutorial. Sorry for the bother, but it will help get our eyes in order ahead of showtime.

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robert e said...

My perception of the image on my Dell 2007FPW LCD jibes with your description. The yellow necklace looks fine on the model's left shoulder, but the part that's on her right shoulder has blown out areas. I can just distinguish greys 90 and 95 without strain, but they seem much closer in value than any other adjacent greys (except 95 and 100, which look identically black to me).

Best of luck with the project.