Thursday, March 11, 2010

This is the most fun ever

Just a note to say that the last 8 weeks have been the most fun I have had in a long time.  Today I enjoyed the magic of seeing a freshly developed image in Monobath A3 - the thick stuff!  Soon we will have real caustic goop, almost like the real thing. 

Thanks to all for your interest which I appreciate very much. What a great bunch of interested, artistic and innovative people.

Even though the results from Reagent A3 are fogged, I am still having some fun playing with the results.


Anonymous said...

This blog is a great read, and I hope that you're going to be able to find a way to bring something to market soon. Even just a monobath that delivered a 'Type 55 result' with TMax or Delta would be of real interest, especially if the other steps proved much more challenging to achieve.

Bob Crowley said...

Thanks, see the next post. That's TMY in a monobath. If I mix it up for 6 minute development, you can get a better result than shown. You still have to load the film into a tank of course, and I do that in the changing bag in a minute here, but I cannot imagine doing the same while out on the street.

It has only been 8 weeks and a lot of progress is being made.