Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Polly Chandler's "Forest"

Polly Chandler very generously asked what she could do to help the cause of getting new55's nascent, field processable material into the hands of artists now that our beloved 55 supplies are diminishing.  I believe that just showing others fine work such as this example "Forest" is a powerful enough way to convince the collaborators and other companies that there is good reason, very good reason, for us to persist in our effort. Larger file available by clicking on the image. More of our favorite images at


Zoe Wiseman said...

I shoot nudes, but feel free to take any of my images that you want to kick it into gear.

Max said...

does polly chandler heavily use a shallow depth of focus in her images? or is it just blur? I cant seem to work it out as I have no experience with large format cameras, just love the pictures they take!

Bob Crowley said...


I'll wait and let Polly comment on her technique if she wants as I could only speculate. I think her images are great not because of the technique, but how she sees.

If you can get a hold of a speed graphic, do so. Get one of the Pacemaker versions that has a graflok back, with the front standard that looks like one in a previous post in this blog, and a PA-45 or Polaroid 405 film holder, and some Fuji instant film. All this might be had for a couple hundred if you are not too picky. It will really open your eyes!

It is possible that what I am suggesting you do won't be as easy or even possible ten years from now. I hope that will not be the case, obviously. Of course new things will present themselves. If the paint and canvas go away, we will just draw on the dirt, you can't stop it.

Anonymous said...

Bob, thank you so much for the flattering shout out! I sure hope we can bring back the 55 (or an equivalent).

@Maximg4040: I shoot with a large format 4X5 view camera and along with DOF I use the movements that a monorail view-camera allow. Thanks,

Bob Crowley said...

It will never be exactly the same as 55, but it might be better. In any case we will get something going.

Zoe thank you for the offer - please suggest an image for our "Reasons Why" Gallery that I am putting together. If we can get it in about a 1 MB file that would be superb. Would only be used for here and for perhaps a presentation by me wearing a necktie somewhere. We have been to your site and really get a kick out of it - clever, ironic, mystical, surreal,delicious and wonderfully figurative, and much more. The purpose of "Reasons Why" will be to help convince collaborators, vendors, and possibly large companies to assist with the creation and production of New55.