Tuesday, March 30, 2010

John Chervinsky's Image

John Chervinsky www.chervinsky.org has provided yet another unusual and luscious example of 55 ness and further impetus for the New55 Project. Isn't this an interesting image?  It certainly appeals to my physics department influenced sense of aesthetics, and would fit (contrast) nicely in a 55 show next to some of the others.  The artist's hand and point of view seem to converge in a distribution of particles expressing homage to Picabia, Rutherford,  and Seurat (that's what comes to mind at 5am - I may regret saying it).  This image is a favorite of mine, regardless, or in spite of, interpretive verbiage - don't let the text spoil it, just look at it, larger, by clicking on it.

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