Tuesday, February 16, 2010

You might not want to throw these out yet

Under consideration at the moment as a possible holder format for New55, this simple Kodak Readyload film holder has certain attributes that make it a good candidate for future use.


gerald said...

as an alternate, or solely? and what would the attributes be?

I am asking for several reasons - one, curiousity of course, but the others:
- i guess there are more 545 out there than these (and it's discontinued as well)
- the 545 took/takes readyloads as well
- this only hearsay: - they were unreliable (light leaks particularly)

Bob Crowley said...

Simple, easy to produce, low cost, light weight, uncomplicated, effective if used carefully, and smaller in size than a 545.

I think better film flatness than a 545 too.