Thursday, February 11, 2010

Urgent Second Call for 55 Trash

We really need clips, and sleeves, and it turns out that empty boxes would also speed up the ability to finalize the packaging format.

Please take a moment, save some up, and send them to us.   Pieces get sent for quotes and often prove to vendors that someone else has already done what the drawing says.

here is the address

72 Nickerson Rd
Ashland MA 01721


cameratakesphotos said...

thanks for the reassurance about the tripod attachment! I always forget that they made things to last 30 yrs ago! I will add your blog to my links in hopes that someone out there has some 55 materials for you - I myself will also keep my eyes peeled for anything that might help! I'm excited to follow your great project....


Aaron Muderick said...

returned from traveling. 52 exposures of Polaroid 64 coming your way.

Bob Crowley said...

Thank you both. And Aaron, I almost had to take all that putty away from people here - they cannot stop playing with it! Fantastic stuff - can we make it photosensitive?