Thursday, February 11, 2010

Two Minute Monobath Process Result

To be expected, aggressive, rapid development of TMY, but here with what we are calling "monobath A" a reagent with pH of nearly 11, and very close to room temperature, on a so-called thick emulsion that ought to have a long-ish hydration/diffusion rate.

Looks a little like Mars, but is actually rocks near Spouting Horn, Koloa HI.

A 20+ year old latent image.

Shot on TMY in 1989 and sat in the can all this time. Perhaps this is the answer to all those undeveloped rolls that nobody will touch. Send them here!  Now that I think of it, this latent image sat unprocessed more than 20 years - and I have another shot that I did in 1972 or so, and only had processed last couple of years. 35 years in the can!  That one, of the waterworks, was accidentally cross processed, and produced a thin negative.  Here is a link to that one.

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