Monday, February 1, 2010

Polaroid Pods for Pack Film

Today looking at the sealed edges of the various pack film pods from 669 and also the Fuji color material.  These are identical in construction, material and dimension, and look like they came from the same processing machine.  A surprisingly small amount of residual liquid remains in these pods, which have two compartments, left and right, which I assume prevents a center bulge.  The pods are made of aluminized paper.


Michael said...

They actually have a Polaroid pod making machine. There are videos of the test runs, but not sure if they have actual production yet.

Bob Crowley said...


I've added that link onto our link list. More inspiration for sure. We could possibly help with process machinery since that's one of our "core competencies" from the medical device manufacturing days. The New55Project is a lot simpler and smaller!

Anonymous said...

Nice shot of a pod, Georgia.