Saturday, February 27, 2010

Monobath rapid test II

Another sample of Pan F in concentrated monobath A that I scanned in. This sample shot has some smoother areas to look at.  Yes, those are the very rare Eames side chairs with Nelson legs, from Herman Miller.  These and the Herman Miller table were all trash picked.  Shot with the Seagull, 6X6, no rinse or anything after the monobath (note dust) and scanned in at the default settings on the epson 750. Click to look around.  This two minute monobath is not bad in my opinion, and gives TMY sort of a vintage look. I will have to shoot a proper grey scale and map it.

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Anonymous said...

Bob - I think it is kind of interesting in this one. Once again (like the bench shot before) the shadows are grey and feel open, while there is still a defined sense of black on the pen near the paper. I'd be curious to know if the table legs are black or gray?