Friday, February 19, 2010

Good Advice

Why did Pol attach small metal foil corners on these sleeves?  The white strip is raised, and is either a stop so you don't pull the sleeve out too far, or a spacer to help hold the negative flat, or some of both.


gerald said...

i guess the white strip has the same function as the little black plastic pieces in the polaroid packfilm: to spread the rollers at the end of pulling a bit more to assure the goop resides in the film and not the camera/filmback.
i guess the famous holes are there for the same reason, to catch it, but i'm not too sure about that.
the metalfoil-corners could be light traps. but why? maybe the paper sleeve is not glued together at that part to make it more easy to peel it apart (in two pieces)? if it would be all the same material there probably would be no guarantee the paper tears and one ends with a mess?
(some loud thinking)

Bob Crowley said...

Yes I think that is the reason that white strip is there. It's the last bump you feel as you pull the pack through the rollers. Makes sense with the holes also.