Thursday, February 4, 2010

From the top of the page - just so it is clear

"The goal is to enable the supply of a very high quality 4x5 (and possibly 8X10) negative material, for artistic purposes, that can be easily field processed, such as so-called "instant film" of discontinued Polaroid type 55, and get this to happen any way we can! We will need your help to make it happen."

We realize we cannot (and probably would not want to) make a replica of "55". Pods? maybe, Polaroid film backs? maybe, or maybe not. Holes? See the poll. Positive print? I don't think we need to. Highly profitable? Haha.

But some decisions are clearer

  1. It must be easy to use - We want to enable the wider use of larger, analog cameras, for what I think are obvious reasons.
  2. High quality must be inherent - Definitely, that means sharp, "good" greyscale, film flatness, and of course fine grain.
  3. Field processing is a must - Obviously! But we have several ways to possibly do this, and some seem attractive, because it might give us a choice of several emulsions.


gerald said...

sounds reasonable. personally (mainly using polaroid), i of course would like to see a print, but i could live without. well, even more if POP paper would still be available (as far as i know, it's not anymore).

Bob Crowley said...

POP paper should be fairly easy to produce. My practice with 55 was to evaluate composition and focus with the print, and not exposure. I have very light prints stored with my 55 negs, and notes written on the prints. So I would prefer a print also - though it doesn't have to be perfect. On the other hand, I am happy to evaluate a negative and then shoot again if necessary, if I can get it quickly.

Anonymous said...

I think the idea is a very good one especially if it can be done not too expensive. There are too many nice old cameras out there for sheet film I think if it is easy and good and fun too then a lot of people will try it. Not everything happens in a computer.