Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New 55 Project Commences!

With the news that there are no plans to produce any more Polaroid Type 55 P/N film a small group of Massachusetts tinkerers are starting to make their own instant negative films and processes.

This is a spinout project of Soundwave Research Laboratories, Inc., which is primarily an acoustics company.  There is also a connection to Bob Crowley's laboratory at microphonium.blogspot.com.

This is just the first post. Expect to see postings of various experiments soon.


Anonymous said...

good luck and god speed. brandon portland Or

Jeffrey Engel said...

Hi, I'm curious about your project. Saw you listing on Craigslist and did a search to find this page. I have tons of Polaroid film (bought like 400 boxes for about 6 cents on the dollar) and I have little bit of 55 left. I hope you guys are successful! I've also got an 8x10 but it's only got a bulb shutter for the lens. It's very old. Anyway, I'd love to know how your project progresses so I'll be checking back every now and then.

E. Pancost said...

Great for you, I have searched every where for good instant film. I cannot wait until you start selling. If you do start selling I operate a photo/camera company called The Pancost-Richter Photographic company and I could become a distributor for your products, please email me for more information at richterco@hotmail.com

Unknown said...

You are doing God's work and we are all rooting for you!