Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Monobath Manual by Haist

 I found a great book by Grant Haist who discusses monobaths, mostly from the "Kodak" perspective - but - there is an excellent chapter on silver diffusion transfer and its history, including reference to the inventor Rott who apparently was the first to patent the idea of using a receiver sheet to collect the excess silver during processing - something that plagued traditional monobath technique. His patent is UK 614,155 and is from 1939.  Land refers to this in later patents.

In any case, people got so excited about positive images on the receiver paper that they almost forgot about the negative, with the exception of course of type 55 and its ilk.

I will be studying this along with some friends in Cambridge MA, nearby to here, who have firsthand knowledge and anecdotes to share.

After reading the chapter on silver diffusion, I can imagine using ordinary sheet film in conjunction with a dry receiver sheet coated with a hydrogel diffusion layer, which would completely peel away after processing the negative. I would water activate it if possible, and avoid pods of goo.

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