Thursday, January 28, 2010

Comments about Fuji Instant Film and the New 55 Project

Here's an example of why I think Fuji has most of what we need already to make a suitable replacement for type 55.  This is a scan of a color negative saved from FP100c. (click here to see it as a color positive scanned straight from the negative with no manipulation ) I have worked on a quick process for removing the black mask in one continuous layer - this has been a lot of fun and produced some decent color negatives.  But the color is turned off here, so we can look at greyscale and texture.  This is a scan using an epson 750 pro with the fuji neg laying on the bed without any attempt at flattening, and at 1200 dpi.  Zoom in and notice that this negative does have some sharpness, and there are reasonably even and gradual tonal qualities present. No curve manipulations done here at all.  There is also no evidence of reticulation, which is the bane of the FP100c when recovered.

It's encouraging to look at.  With a way to make the black mask strip off easily, I see no reason not to take this material out for some serious negative-making.

I think we need a better subject and some lights to make that Aero Ektar and Speed Graphic look a little nicer.

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Number Six: Like blazes, the first chance I get.

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gerald said...

if one could find a negative that would work with the developer and receiving sheet (pos) of fuji100b - that would be the easiest way. at least for fuji. so far i agree.

but honestly - though it's nice to play with bleaching the fuji papernegs, it's something completely different. not comparable when coming to robustness, a really good bw tonescale (what a neg always bears, by definition, more than a print), and overall, crisp resolution.

(but changing the neg by hand, for experiments, in packfilms - goodness. a real task. do-able, but even more complicated than with sheets alone)