Thursday, January 28, 2010

Call for materials - don't throw your 55 parts away!

We need you parts!  Your 55 parts to be specific.  Any portion of the actual 55 packet

Sleeves - we need them especially right now.

metal clips - if I can get dozens, it could save weeks
"bad" ones. Damaged, open or torn - all useful.

Don't need coaters, boxes (unless they are full of long expired 55 - we need one very old pack of 55 to see what it looks like after more than 10 years past expiration, but that's not what this post is about really)

Please send them to us.  If we are going to try to duplicate the "holes" and still use the same 4x5 back, having a good supply of these materials will send the project in the right direction more quickly. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to?

Also keep that stuff out of the landfill.

Here's where to send your type 55 trash (please no goo)

New 55 Project
72 Nickerson Rd
Ashland MA 01721



Anonymous said...

I'm on ebay all the time looking for deals on film...if I come across any 10+ old 55 at a reasonable price, I'll donate it to you. It would, infact, be a honor.

Don Walheim

Bob Crowley said...


Thanks - I see there is a fair amount still out there. That's good for scavengers like me. Today I learned several key thinks about silver migration. There is no doubt now that Fuji could make a 55 equivalent without breaking a sweat, but if I am going to go there and try to get a special order going I am going to have all details ready to go. And if I can't do that, well, I read today what I suspected - that we could use a Pan-X type with a receiver sheet. That Rott patent was a real eye opener!

Thanks again and stay in touch. Come visit if you are in town.

gerald said...

unfortunately, pan-x is dead (see my other comment) as well, and you'd pay a fortune if you find some long expired rolls or sheets in general as well.

unfortuantely i just threw away a lot of metal clips, but can save them for the future. but... i don't really see waht you're up to with. i've sandwiched 4x5 polaroid material myself, and it's a pain to do so, and you'll loose some sheets as you won't be able to perfectly align all the material in the dark every time. if you wanna use it at a shooting, there's no other way to do so. but if you're 'just' going to try out emulsions etc - i'd say you'd save a lot of time by processing them in the dark, squezzing it through rollers, without clips and stuff.
i also don't get (or wonder) what you want to find out about the old material - it's so damn expired, that any sheet you could get would physically differ (by age) a lot from each other. some are dry, some work, and if, all differently. ?

julien said...

hi from france , i realy support you for the new55film !

i have some old 79 unopen films with the chemical all dry but if that can help you? if you need just the metal clip? and i have some 55 used too if you still need it ?
i will send you all this thing !


Donald Qualls said...

If you're still looking for this stuff, I have an unopened box of 55 that expired in 1982. I was planning to eventually shoot it without attempting instant processing (on the assumption the goo is long dead) and hand process the negatives in trays, but for one box, I'm not sure it's worth it (I can get all the Efke 25 I want).

Bob Crowley said...

Hi Donald

We have some from that era that is quite dried out. But, try shooting it, you never know - if you have the time. We are still collecting the metal clips even though we do have a good offshore supplier lined up.

Have you tried the Efke in your monobath? Also, Tobias has come up with an R4 that uses no ammonia and that has been successful, too. Now we are experimenting with the direct positive materials with the goal of coming up with a processing past for that.